✅ Glen Makes The Most Watched Peanut Butter Texas Sheet Cake Recipe

✅ Glen Makes The Most Watched Peanut Butter Texas Sheet Cake Recipe

welcome friends it is Saturday morning
so we’re gonna do another one of our Saturday morning most viewed recipe
videos on the youtubes video and today I want to make a peanut butter sheet cake
recipe and there we go and we’ll filter that by view count and the number one
recipe is peanut butter sheet cake recipe Noreen’s kitchen so
we’ll take a look at that let’s just take a look at some of the other ones interesting
so apparently also six years ago we posted a Texas peanut butter sheet cake
I’ve completely forgotten about that just quite awhile ago let’s take a look
and and compare the recipes ours is a little bit different than Maureen’s so
we’re gonna make Noreen’s and let’s get going so this is a very easy cake recipe it
would almost fall into the category of a dump cake because you’re you’re mixing
pretty much everything in this pot and then just dumping it into a jelly roll
pan to bake it very easy so start it out I’ve got butter water and peanut butter
and I’m gonna put that into a pot and bring it to a boil so that the butter
melts together with the peanut butter and everything else and the first thing
I’m going to say about this recipe is I know I’m going to get a different result
than Noreen just because of the peanut butter that I use Julie and I use a
peanuts only peanut butter so the only ingredient is peanuts roasted peanuts
that are ground together to make peanut butter and I know that most of the
peanut butters for sale in the grocery store here in Canada and the United
States sugar is the second ingredient and then salt so there’s a lot they are
a lot sweeter and a lot saltier than the peanutbutter that I’m using here in fact
when I was at the grocery store the last time to get peanut butter I looked at
all of the different brands there were some brands where sugar was the number
one ingredient and then peanuts so those must have been really sweet which is
probably also the way that they could make that peanut butter the cheapest one
on the Shelf so into here there’s flour and I put in salt and baking soda I
didn’t change the amount of salt to compensate for the peanut butter I’m
gonna see how it tastes I often like things a little less sweet anyway so we
mix that together and we’re good to go on to the next step while we’re still
waiting for the butter and peanut butter to melt together I’m going to put
together buttermilk vanilla extract and the two eggs and we’ll just whisk that together so
here we go we’re just coming up to a boil so we’ll pull that off the stovetop
and the first thing in is the sugar and we’ll mix that in and that will help to
drop the temperature a little bit and once the sugar is mixed in we’ll put in
the flour so this is a little bit lumpy I’m gonna switch to a whisk which should
help it come together faster and I’m gonna pour in the buttermilk and egg
mixture at the same time looking good and so the whisk I chose this is a
heavy-duty whisk you don’t want a you don’t want a really lightweight balloon
whisk because it’s not gonna work now I’ve got a jelly-roll pan 11 by 17 I
believe or 11 by 15 11 by it will be on the screen because I don’t remember the
exact size pour this in oh my yep okay there’s a little bit
worried there that we had too much batter and not enough pan now into the
oven and while the cake is baking we’ll make the icing or frosting and so that’s
butter buttermilk and peanut butter and we’ll just melt that together get it all
nice and incorporated and once this comes up to a boil we take
it off the heat and now we stir in some powdered sugar icing sugar depending on
where you live it might be called something differently and the amounts
given are just an approximation you start out and you put it in you mix it
in and then you mix in a little bit more in a little bit more until you get it to
kind of a spreading consistency something that you want to put on your
cake and again I’m gonna switch to a whisk to finish this we also put in a
little bit of vanilla at this point as well okay so the icing is looking really
good which is great because there’s only a few seconds left on the timer for the
cake and it should go off now so pull the cake out of the oven and I’m gonna put it on top of a sheet
tray I had a look at the cake a couple minutes ago just before it was done and
I noticed that it had domed a little bit more than I thought it would or that I
think it should and I’m afraid that the icing is going to pour off the edges you
want to put the icing on while the cake is hot the hope is that it will soak in
a little bit so on it goes and you can spread this on with a
spatula or the back of a spoon however you want and as I suspected it did run
off the edge would have made a horrible mess if I hadn’t put the other pan down
I think the problem is my jelly roll pan might not be as large as it needs to be
I’ve often found that where you think they’re supposed to be standards
manufacturers just don’t follow them and I think this pan is maybe just a little
bit too small so I probably won’t end up using all of the icing now looks like
I’ve got enough on there we just let this cool down and set up before we go
ahead and eat it all right nice job on this cliff so this
is the most watched peanutbutter sheet cake on the youtubes it looks pretty
soft like it looks moist yeah it is really soft did you poke holes in it no
ok so there’s just a couple yeah very peanut buttery so your aunt served us
those peanut butter cookies on the weekend and all I could think about was
damn Butterfinger all I want is being a putter that’s why that peanut butter
sheet cake and what’s funny is that’s pretty good for you buddy yeah I like
peanut butter about five or six recipes down from this one is one of our videos
and what I thought was funny was I don’t remember doing it we’ve cooked a lot of
food claims so I don’t remember doing it and comparing the two recipes they came
up with in a couple months of each other and ours has brown sugar instead of all
white sugar which would change the flavor a little bit I think this is a
brighter yeah it would be a lighter color yeah this is a brighter peanut
butter flavor than with the brown sugar I just keep and to me it’s the right
level of sweetness I think it’s pretty sweet though it is it is very sweet I
wonder would be like without the icing as we always say yeah it would still be
really because this moist but I like that I like that glaze on the top you do
like the glaze did you like I mean I love the extra sugar but you know um
mind you you just let put a chocolate glaze on top just that yeah you didn’t
put it or you could you could put the I make it a chocolate hand lace or make it
a chocolate cake with the peanut butter glaze yes oh you could be a bar jams
like a jam please a strawberry jam glaze with banana pieces it’s almost a
sandwich we could call it the Elvis they call it the Elvis things have to be
funny okay um you could have a lot of fun with this
cake I think it’s a base cake so Noreen has a winner recipe this is a
really good recipe thanks Jane so thanks Noreen and you know if you’ve watched
our video please go to her channel and check out her Channel and watch hers as
well full credit all right excellent
in that case chicken marsala let’s go for dinner all right you

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  2. Please!? Pretty please!!?? Can you make the Elvis!!??? You both are awesome! I thank you for teaching me again – I had no idea what a sheet cake was and was floored when you poured that liquid into the pan😂. Set in my ways, I never thunked! Great stuff! Now I'm off to watch your video from 6 years ago.

  3. Nice job! This is my Daughter Micah's favorite cake. I am so tickled that you gave it a try and that you enjoyed it! FYI, I made my sheet cake in a standard sheet pan, the same size as the one you put your jelly roll pan inside of to glaze. It renders a thinner cake, but combined with the glaze it has a great texture! I have made this with all natural peanut butter as well as commercial and they are both delicious. Anything will work here, even almond or cashew butter. Thanks so much for sharing! Happy Eating!

  4. If you ever get to Ohio or Pennsylvania, check out Amish country. Holmes county OH has a high density of Amish, and quite a number are cooking and baking for resale. Great eating, traditional foods. Great cheese!

  5. Glen I've been transported down a rabbit hole of viewing everything on your channel. It's addictive. Such a relaxed environment.

  6. my grocery store has a peanut butter machine that grinds the peanut butter for you on demand, come up to just under 2 bucks a pound, nothing but peanuts, but i feel as though you have to add salt.

  7. i figured it out.. she is a contrarian.. she has to make the dialog correct as she sees it.. Her personality is borderline psychotic.

  8. Usually in the US we make sheet cakes in a 9×13 pyrex glass dish or you can buy wilton makes them its 11×15 inches and its made for sheet cakes. Jelly roll pans are well made for what they are called jelly rolls or thin cakes. I think you should retry this is in a 9×13 pyrex dish and you will get the result u were hoping for.

  9. I live in the US and buy Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter. It is 100% peanuts. You make it sound like it's hard to find.

  10. I JUST finished making this for tomorrow's Easter dessert. The only issue I anticipate is having hubby carry it to the car—-safely 🙂 We're looking forward to sharing this with family and friends.

  11. chocolate, banana, hazelnut syrup, and peanut butter are all good in any combination, even all at once. (best smoothie)

  12. I have a trick for you Glenn. My wife taught me and was one of those "I've been doing it wrong my whole life!" Fold a paper towel and put it on the counter, then crack your eggs on the paper towel. No mess easy clean up. 😉

  13. Hmmm… I wonder how this would come out with the PB I use. I love Alton Brown's wok fried peanut butter recipe, with a little bit of honey added.

    Looks like I'm baking a cake today. Lol.

    Edit: Welp, you've convinced me. Time to try this in muffin tins, and then core them and stuff with a strawberry preserves and banana slices.

  14. Two things:  I notice you never measure out the vanilla extract.  Why is that?  and 2.. please find/do a good homemade mac n cheese recipe 🙂

  15. The sheet pan business is probably like wood. A 2×4 hasn’t been a 2×4 for 80 or a 100 years in the states. Slowly shrinking over the years.

  16. Hey Glen! I made this and attempted a fresh blueberry glaze. Ended up using too many blueberries and made more of a thick sauce but it was a big hit! The blueberries added a nice tart contrast to the light/sweet peanut butter. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  17. Its a base cake 🤣 that made me laugh so hard, you guys are awesome I'm 3 hrs into watching these so the "base" thing was cracking me up 😁

  18. 😱I had no idea peanut butter cakes even existed until today. 🥜 How about making a pb & j roll cake, since you were using a jelly roll pan anyway (with a low sugar, berry preserve😋) ? Although I think chocolate 🍫 and pb are the best possible pb combo.

  19. The peanut butter I prefer is KRAFT – Unsweetened Unsalted Peanut Butter.


    The oils are added too keep the peanut butter solid like your typical sugar ones. I personally just like the texture over a runny one, but not the sweetness. I well say though it hard to find so when I see it I usually buy two or three jars.

  20. Hi Glen Great job on the vids and really enjoy your channel. Have you done anything on microwave only recipes. This one for a quick sponge cake was pretty good (I think) https://www.bestrecipes.com.au/recipes/microwave-sponge-recipe/d0ai961p and used it to make Lamingtons I have limited experience so any suggestions on improving this or providing other MW recipes would be great.
    Thanks again

  21. I haven’t seen this one yet, but I see it has 666 likes. so I’m just going to come back when that number is less evil.

  22. A really terrific cake. A surprisingly light and tender crumb – but really moist. A clean and pronounced peanut butter flavor. A keeper! Good for you for giving due credit to the original recipe. And thanks for giving weights to the recipe – which made prep much easier.

    Love your videos – great mix of enthusiasm and food nerdiness.

  23. i could see the excitement and satisfaction in enjoying this cake. that thin crystalline glaze cut @ 7:50 was something special.

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