लोणी न वापरता बनवा मऊ फ्रुट केक | Britannia Fruit Cake Recipe | MadhurasRecipe 516

लोणी न वापरता बनवा मऊ फ्रुट केक | Britannia Fruit Cake Recipe | MadhurasRecipe 516

Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi There were lot many requests for cake & cookies recipes. So we will make eggless fruit cake today. It tastes like Britannia. No egg, no butter, no condensed milk. Ingredients easily available with you Are used in this recipe. Take 1 cup curd that is at room temperature & not that has been just taken out of freeze. Add 1/2 tsp baking soda & 1/2 cup oil. Add 3-4 drops fruit essence. This is easily available in the market. Just like vanilla essence. You can use ice cream essence in place of fruit essence. Or vanilla essence will do. Mix well. After mixing a little add 3/4 cup powdered sugar. Blend regular sugar in mixer so that it will dissolve quickly. Mix well again. Keep the mixture aside just for 2 minutes. Take 2 cups maida. Add 2 tsp baking powder. Mix it really good. After mixing well take other bowl again & sieve maida & baking powder in it. Here are Madhuras recipe’s masale. Link for ordering the masalas in given below. Link for where to order is also given in the description box below. Mix well. Fold it very carefully. Do not over mix. This method is known as cut & fold. Mix it carefully. No need to add water. After mixing the batter really good I have 1/2 katori tutti frutti. Add tutti frutti & mix well again. Looking fantastic. I have this 9″ tray, square baking pan. Greased it well Lined up wax paper at the base. You can bake this cake in cooker if you want. It gets perfectly baked in cooker. Or in oven. I will make this in oven today. As this tray doesn’t fit into any pots available in my pantry like kadhai, pots, cooker. So I am making in oven. How to bake in cooker? Add a thin layer of baking soda or salt at base of cooker. Spread it well & put an empty pot on it. Remove ring & whistle of cooker & preheat for 10 minutes. Put the cake tray. Close the lid. It takes about 35-40 minutes on low heat to bake this cake. Spread it well. After spreading it evenly tap the tray really good so as to remove air bubbles if any. I will transfer this tray into oven. It takes about 35-40 minutes on 180 Deg C. I have baked this cake for 30 minutes on 180 Deg C. Take it out & let it cool for about 10 minutes. 10 minutes are over. Check with toothpick once. If it comes out clean it means cake is baked well. Let’s take the cake out into a plate. Always loosen the edges. Perfect. What a fantasric color!! Cool it down a little & then cut. Cake is cooled down. Cut it into slices of about 1″ thickness. This cakes is really light. I will not cut it whole. Will cut it a little for you. Awesome!! It has got even golden color. It has got same flavor as Britannia fruit cake. Nice & even golden color from all sides. Nice & fluffy at the center. It is nice & soft. This cake remains good at room temperature for about 4-5 days. For anytime snack for kids You can make this cake at home. We haven’t used egg, butter. Made it from simple ingredients. Thank you very much for watching my recipe. Let’s meet again with such nice recipe. Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating.

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  1. I tried it…texture chan zal…cake fulala…bt taste same bakery frouit cake naii ali… taste as same bakry yenyasathi kaii kraw lagel

  2. कच्च्या तेलाचा वास येतो केक ला
    त्यामुळे केक खाऊ वाटत नाही आणि घसा बसतो
    तेल तापवून थंड करून घातलं तर चालेल का?

  3. खूप छान केक ची रेसिपी मी नक्की ट्राय करेन. तुम्ही खुप गोड दिसता.

  4. Maam pn dahi konte use karaychi karan dahi ambat aslya mule cake chi taste kharab hote tumhi je dahi ghatlat te konte hote manje te khup asa thick hote manun vicharte ahe plzz rply dya

  5. छान रेसिपी, नक्की करून बघणार. एक शंका, मिश्रण घट्ट वाटतंय, काही केक्स चं मिश्रण यापेक्षा पातळ असतं, काहींचं घट्ट. त्याचे results बदलतात का? Science behind baking वर प्लीज एखादा विडिओ करा.

  6. Hello, I will try this cake
    मी मिसळ पाव बनवला ….using your repic it was so yammmi..thank you

  7. या केक receipe मध्ये समजा strawberry grind करून घातली तर strawberry केक तयार होईल का ?

  8. छान झाला केक ताई तु खुप छान आहेस आणि बोलते पण सुंदर

  9. Hiii madhura tai khup chan simple easy recipe ahe🤗👍nakki karen me 😊 Tai plz cake che icing & cake decoration wheep cream kase banyvayche and cake nosel kase use karayche te pan dakhvana plz plz. thank u😊

  10. अजिबात नाही आवडली रेसिपी..cake अजिबात फुगला नाहीये…तो चक्क बसलाय खाली…

  11. hii..mam mla aaj msale milale khup khush ahe mi. nehmi video mdhe pahat hote ata te msale ghri aale. so I'm happy.. mi tumchya recipes ghri nehmi try krt aste ani ghri sglyana awdtat dekhil. kal nankatai keli idli cooker mdhe khup chan zali n mazya mulgila sudha khup awdli.so THANK YOU VERY MUCH MAM…😊😙

    n mla recipe book dekhil hve ahe..

  12. Madhura Tai .. mi hi recepy try keli .. 🍰 khupach chan agadi apratim zala hota .. vishesh mhanaje majhya mulila to khup avadala .. mi vegetarian aahe tyamule 🍰 khata yet Nahi ata mi s ata banavun khau shakate … Mi cooker madhe kela hota .. fakt bhandi Kali padali

  13. मैदा आणि साखरेचे प्रमाण बघता कमी गोड होईल असं वाटतंय!

  14. Mi try kelay kupch Sundar bnlay …my daughter like this cake very much and also my friends.i already shared this recipe with my friends… thank u very much Madhura…

  15. Wow. What a receipes🎂

    I remember early when I use to make the cake receipes we were told to beat the mixture light and fluffy so difficult was it
    Ur methods are so easy and excellent.
    Thanks for being so great👌💐

  16. माझ केक ची रेसिपी 2 ते 3 वेळा बिघडला कप च़ प्रमाण नाही समजत क्रुपया कप कोणता , किती प्रमाण निट समजून सांगावे 🙏 🙏 🙏

  17. माझ्याकडे खवा आहे पण गुलाबजाम फुटतात काय करायचे मैदा घालून बघितला पण होत नाही

  18. मधुरा एवढ्या छान छान रेसिपी दाखवतेस.सुगरण आहेस बरं का.,,☺️

  19. super madhura tai kup chane tumchya pudhil vatchali sathi kup kup shubhechya ashyach new new recipe dhakhvat ja

  20. Tai ha cake krtana jar cooker karyla ghetla tr cooker 35mints gas vr theval tr to khali jalu shaknar nh ka?? Means salt or soda use kel tr khali lagat nh ka??

  21. Madhura MI Mawa cake ghari kela atishay Chan zala,mazya natwandana atishay aaeadla… Ata ha suddha karun baghen… Thanks photo kasa upload karaycha mahiti nahi

  22. Superb tai . Pls tell me after the use of baking powder and baking soda how and where to store it for longer use

  23. तुम्ही केक साठी जे सोडा व बेकिंगपावडर चे प्रमाणासाठी कोणते चमचे वापरता अर्धा tsp व दोन tsp असे दिलेले असते तर
    प्लास्टिक चमचे कि घरातील पोहे खायचे ते डिटेल प्लीज सांगा

  24. Microwave madhye kiti wel karawa? Tyat kela tr asa golden colour yet nahi. Tasech microwave sathi aluminum chi bhandi chaltat ka?

  25. Hi Madhura
    While making this cake in microwave how do u do it? Will you pls explain here? I am bit confused with conventional microwave. I am having IFB 23BC4 convectional microwave..
    It will be much easier if you explain how to use these kind of microwaves in marathi / Eng.
    I haven't used microwaves here before other than non convectional.

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