ब्रेड से 5 मिनीट में बनाएं पेस्ट्री केक Bread Pastry Cake in 5 min |Bread pastry Recipe for Children

Hi friends i am razia today i will make pastry cake from bread This is very easy to make and its very tasty too This recipe for those who likes to eat cake It takes only 4-5 min to complete this recipe Let’s start this recipe For this we need Whipped cream which is my home made recipe whose link you can find in the description below,in the i button or at the end of this video 4 slices of bread whose corner is sliced Dairy milk Chocolate Sugar Syrup i have taken two tps of sugar and 1 tps of water and mixed to make sugar syrup Now take a cup and place a plate on top so that we can move the plate properly Take one bread slice add sugar syrup to it sugar syrup makes it soft and sweet No add whipped cream on it spread it properly spread some grind chocolate on it you can add fruits too or you can use chocolate syrup add another slice on it apply sugar syrup apply whipped cream spread chocolate add another slice on it then sugar syrup then whipped cream spread chocolate another piece of bread apply sugar syrup then whipped cream apply whipped cream on all the sides now decorate it as according to your like Now my bread pastry cake is ready to be served Please try this recipe its taste very good and can be made very quickly within 4-5 minuets I hape you would have liked my recipe If you liked my recipe then like this video and subscribe to my channel

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