केवल 20 रुपये का केक, वो भी बिना ओवन या कुकर के | Cake Recipe in Hindi

केवल 20 रुपये का केक, वो भी बिना ओवन या कुकर के | Cake Recipe in Hindi

I am going to make today bread cake in just 5 minutes This bread cake recipe is very easy This is very tasty This is very soft and spongy just like any other cake Then come and let’s start the recipe To make cake from bread I have taken 4 pieces of brown bread I have used brown bread but you can also take white bread Cut the corners to remove the hard parts to make it soft Keep aside other breads for the moment Take a knife and trim the edges You can make bread rolls using these bread sides You can use these also One bread is done let’s cut all the bread All bread corners are left and i have taken 4 breads You can take even more also Let’s prepare the cake icing also To make the icing I have taken whipped cream It’s blue in colour because I am using some left-over cream I used in another video Pour chocolate ganache to make this more tasty Whipped cream and Chocolate Ganache recipe link is given in the description box Take 1 cup chocolate ganache, adjust it as per your taste You can also use Nutella or any flavor of jam Beat it properly to get a smooth mix Chocolate cream is ready and now let’s start the icing Take one slice of bread Coat it with sugar syrup to make it soft I made this sugar syrup by adding 1 tbsp sugar in 1/2 cup of water and boiled it Now spread chocolate cream on top of this bread slice Spread cream on top properly Like we spread on cake Add choco chips on top To see how to make choco chips see recipe link in description Take another slice of bread and place on top Press it and repeat the process Take 3rd layer Repeat the process Take the last layer and repeat the process Now clean the sides and spread properly Coated the bread from all sides Refrigerate it for 10 minutes Let’s grate chocolate for decoration Take dark chocolate and grate it Refrigerate it for 5 minutes Now after refrigerating spread grated chocolate on cake from all sides Apply on sides also Cake is decorated now Put cherry on top, optional Serve it in slices This bread cake recipe is very easy and you can easily make this at home Must try this and everyone gonna love this Do subscribe and like and share this video

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  1. I love your recipe so much I first saw your recipe and I had try also it is so beautiful nice I like it 👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕

  2. Mam agr beatr nhi hai toh chocolate ko kaise beat karungi itna hard rehta hai… Melt kar k cream mein add kr skti hu kiya?

  3. I like Bread Cake 😗😙😚😍😘😇👼😻👭👯‍♀️💏💑👄❤❤❤❤💘💟💫💞💗💖💕💓❤

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